Ubiquiti Inc. is a networking technology company that produces products for service providers, businesses, and consumers. It creates technological platforms for high-capacity distributed Internet access, unified information technology, and consumer electronics for use in the workplace, at home, and for the personal enjoyment and enjoyment of others. Enterprise product platforms, which include wireless LAN infrastructure, video surveillance products, switching and routeing solutions, and other WLAN products; and consumer products, which are sold under the Ubiquiti Labs brand name. Ubiquiti Labs is a subsidiary of Ubiquiti Networks, which is based in San Jose, California, and is headquartered in San Jose, California. Aside from that, the company offers technology platforms that include proprietary protocols that incorporate technologies for signal noise reduction; EdgeMAX, a software and system routing platform; airFiber, a point-to-point radio system; and UFiber GPON, a plug-and-play fibre network technology that allows customers to build high-speed fibre internet networks with minimal effort. UniFi -Enterprise WLAN, an enterprise Wi-Fi system that allows for on-site and remote management through the cloud; UniFi Protect, a video surveillance system that provides statistical reporting and advanced analytics; UniFi Switch, which provides enterprise networks with performance, switching, and power of Ethernet support; and UniFi Security Gateway, which provides routeing and security for enterprise networks. Also available are base stations, radios, and customer premises equipment; embedded radio devices; antennas; mounting brackets, cables, and power over Ethernet adapters; and wireless access points and access points with integrated radios. A global network of around 100 distributors and online merchants provides service to the company’s client base. The firm was originally known as Ubiquiti Networks, Inc., but it changed its name to Ubiquiti Inc. in August of this year to reflect its new branding. United States-based Ubiquiti Inc. was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in New York, New York.


Ubiquiti Inc. has grown globally and is listed as one of the top successful technology companies in the stock market. It was called a different kind of networking technology company with a successful, disruptive business model.

As the targeted global markets were underserved and underpenetrated, Ubiquiti Inc. has been continuously researching and introducing innovative, high performance and easily deployable products, which led to EPS growth at 37% CAGR with amazingly 80% lower cost than competitors (2013-2017).

Up to now, this company has been developed in more than 200 countries and territories with over 100 distributors globally (and Trantech has been one of them). Ubiquiti Inc. has also spent a lot in R&D, which means around 60% of employees of company HR is in this department, which helps them to gain trust from the stock market (repurchase US $485mil) and market cap was around US $5bil in 2017.

Thanks to the right management and successful business model, which was to target and transform wireless broadband in underserved markets, superior product at the disruptive price and focused on shipping management (45+ mil airMAX to 60 countries), Ubiquiti Inc. has maintained an amazing growth rate and bring trust to the market.

Ubiquiti has announced publicly in front of all stakeholders and official distributors that their ultimate goal in the next 10 years would be to continue to deliver high-performance products and leverage technology. In order to do that, they would maintain and extend technology leadership positions and continue to grow a powerful user community with the help of all distributors.

Trantech is confident to have their stock and introduce to the Australian market in any project, with the help of genuine support.


With the strong investment in the R&D department, Ubiquiti Inc. can endlessly update its technology and keep providing a better integrated end-to-end solution from consumers to enterprises. 

For instance, their “Last Mile” solutions with wireless backhaul (airFiber), edge routing (edgeMax) and point-to-multipoint (airMax) are still the best choice for any service provider when they come to select their core technology.

Or with enterprises, Ubiquiti Inc. allows transparent information for them to know the technology that matches with service providers like broadband utilization option. With the selection of many functions from WLAN (UniFi), IP video surveillance (UniFi Video), controller (UniFi), routing and security (UniFi Security Gateway), advanced switching (UniFi switch), companies will be fully equipped with the most optimal option.

And last, Ubiquiti Inc. wouldn’t ignore the smallest but the most crowd segmentation – end-users. They have a Wi-Fi Mesh solution with Home Wi-Fi Mesh Systems (AmpliFi) to serve all the needs and ensure a smooth network for each sweet home. 

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