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Trantech – the professional security wholesaler – offers a wide range of services, supporting our customers to achieve effective, successful integrated IP projects for all industries in the Smart World.

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Trantech – Akuvox’s Authorised Australian Distributer 

With AKUVOX’s valuable, practical support, attractive terms and conditions for sales activities at any stage, Trantech is product authorised as the Australian importer, distributor and stockist for the full range of AKUVOX IP Intercom and Access Control Systems.

AKUVOX is the leading global provider of Smart Intercom products and solutions

AKUVOX is one of the global leading brands for smart IP-connected door intercoms and access control security equipment.

The AKUVOX full range of door intercom products is convergent on vast fields of technologies, including IP communications, intercom, security, artificial intelligence, and the cloud. The AKUVOX range of IP door entry and access control devices combines quality and innovation for secure communication and door entry for multiple dwelling units (MDUs), university and school campuses, secure units and residential applications.

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AKUVOX’s Smart Intercom Technologies 

Smart Intercom leverages vast fields of technologies for smart building access. Design-conscious and cutting-edge, it offers a flexible system for any scale project and fits in with varied application needs. AKUVOX smart intercom solutions are widely used by projects, large or small, in various vertical markets to allow more people to easily access smart living and working.

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The Leading AI Technologies

  • Facial recognition entry (door control)

Your face is your identity. The underlying anti-spoofing liveness detection algorithm makes it hard to be fooled by photos or videos.

  • Offline voice control

Use your voice to control intercom devices. The voice data is processed directly on the device, making it faster and more secure compared with an online method.

  • Fall detection

Exploring the synergy of image recognition techniques and deep neural networks, AKUVOX empowers intercoms to increase in-home safety for older individuals.

Smart Cloud-based Intercom Service

AKUVOX SmartPlus is a smart cloud-based intercom service that allows AKUVOX’s intercom and access control devices to link, communicate, and interact intelligently. with one another without any geographical restrictions, making buildings smarter and securer.

  • Mobility: intercom and building access anywhere, anytime.
  • Flexibility: remote provisioning and maintenance for any scale of systems.
  • Stability: 24/7 self-monitoring with > 1 million monitoring tests per month at a 99.99% success rate.
  • Security: a triple data backup mechanism ensures 99.999% data reliability.
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AKUVOX Smart Intercom Technology Benefits

  • Easy Integration + Deep Customisation + Remarkable User Experience

The openness of Android makes it easy to integrate AKUVOX’s smart intercoms with 3rd-party systems like home automation and security systems. AKUVOX’s finely-tuned Android systems are easy to use. The system’s high flexibility also allows AKUVOX to offer deep customization services to meet bespoke customer needs.

With the Google Play store, users can enjoy millions of the latest Android apps and digital content from their indoor monitors.

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  • Better Communication

AKUVOX’s intercoms are based on SIP, a universal IP communication protocol, allowing you to build an extensive communication system. Compared with a non-SIP system, SIP-based intercoms are easy to learn, use, and maintain and are easy to integrate into a phone system.

  • Greater Security

AKUVOX’s smart intercoms can be flexibly connected with various alarm systems, such as smoke detectors, for greater home security.

AKUVOX dedicates itself to improving the robustness of its products against damage caused by external factors. AKUVOX’s intercoms are certified with IK and IP ratings, which can be as high as IK10 Rating, and feature a tamper-resistant mechanism.

AKUVOX Smart Intercom integrates with Network Optix Witness VMS

Operated in Xiamen, China, April 1, 2021— AKUVOX, the leading global provider of smart intercom products and solutions, announces that its smart intercom is now compatible with Network Optix’s Witness VMS, a cross-platform IP video management system designed to discover, view, record, and manage IP video cameras.

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AKUVOX’s smart intercoms can now be discovered by the Network Optix (Nx) Integrations Marketplace ecosystem of tech partners and end-users, which means more business opportunities for AKUVOX’s distributors, system integrators, and installers. The integration of AKUVOX’s smart door phones with the Nx Witness VMS also makes it easy for Network Optix’s distributors, tech partners, and system integrators to add tech-forward building entry features like face recognition to IP video systems for a wide range of applications, such as residential buildings, shopping malls, office buildings, and industrial plants.

“Our partnership with Network Optix and the integration of our smart building intercom systems within their Witness platform is a continuation of our focus on “AKUVOX’s smart intercom technology, which can connect with various 3rd-party systems to bring both security and convenience to users,” said Sonia Zhang, AKUVOX’s Manager of Business Development.

Trantech – the top-rating security wholesaler, becomes AKUVOX’s Authorised Distributor in Australia

As part of the AKUVOX Partner Programme, which is aimed exclusively at specialised resellers, and as their partner, Trantech proudly gets a number of benefits to get off to a highly successful start with minimal requirements. 

Following successfully completing training on AKUVOX products and achieving certification, Trantech is hereby appointed by AKUVOX Partners as a Certified AKUVOX Partner (CAP). Depending on the sales volume in accordance with the CAP, Trantech is rewarded with the Partner level of Authorized.

Not only do we stock the AKUVOX range of products, but our team of system designers and support technicians provide expert advice on product choice, system specification, system set-up and after-sales service. We are one of Australia’s leading experts in IP security and IP AV systems, supporting our customers to achieve effective, successful integrated IP projects across all industries.

Trantech the security wholesaler, offers a wide range of services that are beyond the expectations of many other distributors. These include; System Design, Product Specification, Wiring Diagrams, Rack Design, System Configuration, Training, and Onsite/Remote System Support. Our customers can access any or all of these services-many of which are totally free-of-charge on a project-by-project basis; benefiting from increased skill levels, specialists in new technologies and integration, or simply increasing their resources for pre and post-sales support.