CUBE COMPANY – a typical standard in the surveillance security industry with CUBE Cloud supported to fulfill your security solutions needs.

CUBE technology provides professional CCTV installers, integrators, and dealers with the best cloud video recording and remote monitoring software with the best cloud video recording application.

CUBE COMPANY – Intelligent CCTV systems

CUBE Company is a young innovation security brand that has quickly adapted to the rapid changing security technologies.

CUBE’s mission: is to provide professional CCTV installers, construction builders, and security retailers/dealers the best cloud video recording option and stable remote monitoring software.

CUBE Technology helps the security sector adopt cloud video monitoring by allowing experienced CCTV installers to incorporate cloud video surveillance. Businesses may use CUBE Cloud to relocate their video surveillance system to the cloud. We’ve eliminated the financial and technical hurdles to uploading video to the cloud. CUBE Cloud – the soul of CUBE products – aims to be the pioneer in CCTV cloud storage and now offers security video analytics algorithms in applications.

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TRANTECH – the top rating security wholesaler, has matched all requirements and was proudly cooperated with CUBE’s security system professionals in terms of product and service offerings. We are honoured to be the Exclusive Distributor of CUBE Technology to supply their outstanding innovation in Australia.

With the hype in security industry, the most remarkable range of CUBE products – Surveillance Security System – brings to all users the highest satisfaction. CUBE CCTV allows users to keep an eye on your properties even if you aren’t there for long. The CUBE team knows how important it is to protect your business and its assets while you are not present. That’s why our simple CCTV surveillance camera solutions are so prevalent in Sydney and Melbourne. CUBE works with powerful manufacturers and cloud services to assist company owners in stakeholders’ security and theft prevention.

All CUBE CCTV products are available for Solar CCTV Solutions, which is also one of famous CUBE Technology’s products.

CUBE Cloud-based video monitoring. 

Safe. Fast. Secure. Affordable.

CUBE Cloud is a unique cloud video surveillance system that allows remote access to all CCTV products via mobile/tablet app. It now includes commercial integration with a selection of professional CCTV cameras.

Outstanding benefits:

✔ Cloud support is now available for both legacy and new installations:

When it comes to choosing the correct hardware, broad compatibility provides you with many options.

✔ Cloud provides an additional layer of protection

256-bit encryption and TLS (HTTPS) channels ensure that video is protected during transit and storage.

✔ The video is protected if a network failure occurs

When the network is restored, the video is saved locally on the Cloud Adapter and uploaded to the cloud.

✔ The system can be simply and remotely deployed

There is no need for network configuration or port forwarding; simply connect to the local network.

Upgrading your CCTV system to an intelligent one is a good idea for modern life. With cloud-based video surveillance, CUBE Cloud, reliably and provenly, ensures that your local recorder is protected and boosts your safety to be intelligent.

We have in-house certified engineers to research Australia market and develop compatible phone/tablet application (iOS/Android) with many amazing features for CUBE Cloud users. Now you are able to enjoy the beautiful live view of your protected premises anytime, anywhere.

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Amazingly, CUBE Surveillance Products are equipped by intelligent AI features with advanced analytics technology, you can generate and receive alerts depending on the things spotted by your camera, making your CCTV system completely proactive. Instead of sifting through hours of footage, you may use the search feature to find specific video instances based on date or object.

Due to the presence of clouds, most cameras can only capture images at a resolution of 2MP. However, in most circumstances, a local recorder was still needed to save high-resolution video locally. CUBE Cloud Adapter allows you to record high-quality videos, up to 8MP/4K supported, to the cloud or directly from a recorder. Also, Smart Motion Detection zones and camera sensitivity adjustments have never been so simple to implement.

Trantech is proud to be fully supported by CUBE Technology, with full-functioned customised CCTV software and Cloud app to ensure customers’ ease of modification. In the case of many sites, while using CUBE Cloud CCTV app, it is easy to transfer CCTV footage to the office so that you or other members may review it as required, even from a mobile device, the complete system may be handled efficiently.

In addition, Trantech is also selected to supply full range of solar-powered CCTV pole solutions, which are perfect for construction sites and public areas. We are delighted to offer a variety of solar powered options to our customers ranging from Motorised Bullet, Active Deterrence to PTZ Cameras with 4G connectivity. Have your solar backed up to the Cloud for more security and flexibility!

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With the close relationship and good co-working skill from TRANTECH and CUBE, security owners can properly monitor their facility, workers, and undesirable intruders using CUBE security and surveillance systems. CUBE was intended to help individuals and organizations with security and technology issues. As experts in security systems, we can advise you on the finest CCTV system for your needs.

We feel these are a great addition to complete any security system and one of the best proactive solutions you can invest in. Trantech Security Wholesaler is proud of being the top wholesaler that provides useful knowledge to all readers, which bring benefits for both customers and the security community.

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