Trantech Technical Support Service


Trantech Security’s unrivalled security and surveillance support skills ensure that we are always prepared to help companies and support internal IT departments (in case of devices configuration is needed), no matter what their needs may be. We provide complete technical assistance to companies across Sydney and Melbourne, and in the future, Brisbane and Perth. Best of all, we offer corporate technical support services to companies across the United States and abroad.

Trantech Security Wholesaler provides the technical knowledge and resources necessary to successfully maintain and manage your security system infrastructure (CCTV, intercom system, alarm system and even home automation system). Our staffs in Melbourne and Sydney is able to provide quick, dependable, and flexible assistance as a consequence of our partnership. Most essential, we want to avoid technical issues in the first place and resolve them as quickly as possible when they do occur. Above all, we make certain that your workplace security systems are running effectively and securely in a stable, current, and reliable environment.

A timely technical support service for Corporations will be the best push for sustainable success

We recognise that security plays a critical role in the safety and development of any organisation. As a result, it is critical for businesses to first invest in the appropriate infrastructure and then coordinate their operations with a reputable security service provider. Because, after all, by enhancing efficiency inside the organisation, you are able to boost production and performance. Ultimately, this will enable you to concentrate on your main business, which includes expansion and growth.

By partnering with Trantech Security Wholesaler, you will be able to benefit from reliable and consistent support, services, and solutions from our knowledgeable staff. We will also work closely with you to understand your company needs and offer the optimal solution to supplement your existing security infrastructure.

We have qualified networking engineers who are easily accessible to offer support services to customers across Australia.

Networking and Engineering Master qualifications of our team member
Networking and Engineering Master qualifications of our team member

Networking and Engineering Master qualifications of our team member

Several supporting channels Trantech Security is using to provide detailed advice to customers immediately:

  1. Remote/Online help desk support

Customers may reach out to our Help Desk, which is conveniently located in Sydney and Melbourne via phone call, email or online channels such as or For specific requests with any cameras or video recorders problems, you may speak directly with a networking engineer who is a subject matter expert (Melbourne (02) 8722 0348 or Sydney (03) 9079 5566).

No matter where you are in Australia, you may connect with a Trantech’s expert from devices. What’s more, the ease and efficiency provided by online help ensure that a security professional will be noticed of your request and reply to you via email or phone call within a few minutes of your submission. After all, we take great pleasure in delivering quick and dependable surveillance/security technical support service.

  1. On-site computer assistance

Our technical support members are always ready to virtually guide customers at their place of business. We realise that downtime may be very inconvenient. As a consequence, we will strive to get your security systems up and running as soon as possible. Most importantly, we will fix any device (cameras or video recorders) problems that we are unable to be handled via remote assistance. You just need to bring all those to our showroom, where our team members will 100% make them work for you.

  1. Pay As Your Demand

If you are a customer who has not yet purchased any of our devices, our Pay As Your Demand service enables you to use our technical support member on an as-needed basis. That means Trantech experts can still help you with your devices (especially suitable for owners who already have security devices) with the lowest cost in the market.  Furthermore, there are no contracts that are locked in.

  1. Documents and materials for support process

Trantech Security Wholesaler is proud to genuinely work with manufacturers, and with our extensive experience in a variety of sectors, we are able to receive and upgrade the following materials to match with Australian security industry:

  • Firmware
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Leaflets
  • Software
  • Product Resources
  • Technical Guide
  • Whitepapers
  • Cybersecurity guides
  • Program training
  • Operation materials
  • Assistant calculation tools
  • Maintenance tools
  • Design tools

Using those tools flexibly, Trantech experts are capable to provide all customers with suitable diagnostics, manage the whole technical support process from beginning to end. This covers all levels of problem resolution, from basic technical inquiries to in-depth product knowledge… We also update our service with cutting-edge technology and automation to make sure that our members have all they need to provide the best possible service to our customers.


We feel these are a great addition to complete any security system and one of the best proactive solutions you can invest in. Trantech Security Wholesaler is proud of being the top wholesaler that provides useful knowledge to all readers, which bring benefits for both customers and the security community.

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