“Simplicity – Visibility – Collaboration”


NetAlly provides testing that you can rely on, provided by a new ally. For more than two decades, their platform and family of network test products have assisted network engineers and technicians in the better deployment, management, and maintenance of today’s complex wired and wireless networks. NETSCOUT was formerly a branch of NETSCOUT.

Since 1993, they have been a trusted partner to network professionals all around the world. They started by developing the world’s first portable network analyser, and they’ve been setting the standard for the industry ever since, first as Fluke Networks® and later as NETSCOUT®. Since becoming an independent corporation, owned by the private investment firm StoneCalibre, NetAlly has maintained its leadership position in the field of portable network testing. They are an engineering-based firm driven by a passion for innovation and a single goal: to build the greatest test equipment possible with their success as the primary consideration.

Their cutting-edge instruments work tirelessly to complete the job as quickly as possible by:

  • Simplicity: streamlining the complexity of network architectures.
  • Visibility: making problems visible immediately allows for more efficient problem resolution.
  • Collaboration: making it possible for site workers and distant specialists to work together in real-time.


In more than 26 years of innovations, NetAlly has successfully built over 50,000 customers in more than 70 countries. They also have over 20,000 Link-Live community members who actively help each other globally, and a strong team with more than 100 employees effectively support all channels all over the world. 

NetAlly has strong engineers to research and keeps introducing and upgrading the latest technology/products/tools for their core clients – network engineers and technicians, who plan and validate deployments, maintain Wi-Fi and wired access networks. Up to now, their customers’ segmentation has expanded from field service (systems integrators, systems installers, maintainers, vendors) to private network owners (commercial enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies and contractors) all over the world.


NetAlly defined transparently their growth strategy to develop with all distributors. 

  • Keep launching new brands and new products with the latest technology
  • Gain mindshare with renewed field engagement
  • Account mapping: support distributors to identify good customers, qualify them and help close deals

So, as official distributors, Trantech Security Wholesaler has the privilege to receive the following support and documentation:

  • Add our name to existing sales: switches, access points, wired or wireless networking equipment test portfolio
  • Offer limited product competition
  • Help with deal registration (especially beneficial for project tender)
  • Always available to support with inside sales reps
  • Always available to support with technical 
  • Allow accessing ongoing commitment to NetAlly R&D