Trantech B2B Security Devices Supply Service

Trantech understands that in order to make the process smooth, the genuine security devices must come from authorised distributors, which were originally equipped with manufacturer’s firmware, thus the related stages (programming and configuration) would be much easier.

Trantech Security recognizes the wide variations in business-to-business (B2B) commerce in Australia, especially in a niche market like the surveillance security industry. A distribution centre that supplies genuine devices (cameras, NVRs, DVRs) and accessories to electronics/security companies, registered installers and retailers will help solve headaches for them and bring more benefits as a win-win solution.

In this short article, Trantech is more than happy to mention to customers the advantages and benefits of always having a reliable wholesaler/distributor with full support, which sets us stand out among Australian CCTV wholesalers nationwide.

Consequently, the following are the most important considerations while selecting distributors/suppliers. Assuming you already have a list of prospective suppliers, contact each of them and request quotes as well as a whitepapers/written guide of the devices you need (Trantech is proud to be one of a few suppliers that keep providing updated technical guides and product features free for community). You now have enough information to compare their services to our services and make informed choices about which services are the greatest match for your company.

Automation system Trantech has been researching and developing to serve customers better in the era of 4.0 technology
Automation system Trantech has been researching and developing to serve customers better in the era of 4.0 technology


When selecting providers, keep the location in mind. Maintaining relationships with local suppliers helps you minimise risks to your business of sudden supply chains drop, while also increasing the long-term viability of your company, which means, as a security installer/security company, you will never have a headache of products not ready when the job is in progress. Dealing with suppliers that are located farther away may result in longer delivery periods as well as higher freight expenses. Take the time to learn about the shipping regulations of faraway suppliers.

So, Trantech Security Wholesaler with a wide range of products is located on the famous highway at the centre of a busy suburb, where we can provide you more flexibility, better control, lower supply chain costs, and a positive impact on the local community.


Another important factor to consider while selecting providers is their dependability. Suppliers must be dependable to provide the correct products or services on schedule and as promised.

Normally, most large suppliers are usually dependable since they have the resources and procedures in place to ensure that they can continue to supply even if anything goes wrong with their delivery. From that the buyers/customers won’t be stuck dealing with a late schedule or extra cost. Small suppliers, on the other hand, are more likely to establish a tighter working connection with you, particularly if you are their primary client. In some circumstances, you should consider the ability of small suppliers to be able to accommodate alternative demands, such as expedited orders or holding onto inventory. This situation requires more effort from the customers to understand the inventory’s situation of small suppliers before making an order.

Fortunately, Trantech Security Wholesaler has been established based on more than 25 years of experience in on-site management and inventory management of strong qualified engineers, who will guarantee all customers a smooth process of delivery and service. Our target is to do the hard works for you so you won’t have to worry about products at all.


Consider sourcing from suppliers who have been in the company for a lengthy period. For example, if you are going into a long-term contract with a supplier or if they are the sole provider of a certain item that you need for your company, stability is critical.

Due diligence should be exercised. Sometimes, you need to examine the supplier’s credit history to determine whether or not they are financially supported. It’s a good idea to find out which companies have utilised the services of a specific provider and to contact them for recommendations.

Thus, Trantech Security Wholesaler always cares about customers by having various levels of credits for customers, in order to comfort them to pay 100% attention to win the projects without the headache of immediate invoice payment.


If you are starting a new company, one of the most important factors to consider when selecting suppliers is cost. If you are concerned with keeping your expenses under control, providers that offer competitive pricing are an appealing choice.

Cheap price, on the other hand, does not necessarily equate to the greatest value for money. If the product or service provided by your supplier is of poor quality, you may pay additional expenses for returns and replacements, as well as the risk of losing business as a consequence of any delays that follow. If you opt to pass on bad quality to your clients (end users), you run the danger of harming your company’s image in the process.

Therefore, Trantech will never let you down for the price of ours in the market because we know that with the price we give you, the quality of products is included and the time and effort we save for you are assured.

Values in the workplace

It is also worthwhile to examine if the business values of your suppliers are compatible with your own. Suppose your company has strong environmental or corporate social responsibility credentials. In such a case, you should take into account problems such as product packaging and the environmental procedures that prospective suppliers have in place. As Trantech’s experience, we know that sometimes, customers will receive the package right on-site with the current installation process, in which the image of the supplier is your reputation as it matters.

Suppliers in a variety of sizes

Even while working with a single supplier has its benefits (for example, you may establish a strong business relationship that benefits both parties), it also has its drawbacks and dangers. If your supplier goes out of business or is unable to meet delivery deadlines, your company will suffer. Consider establishing connections with a variety of providers in order to better control your risks and liabilities.

Trantech Security Wholesaler is proud to have two large warehouses in the main cities: Melbourne and Sydney, which is convenient for all customers. In the near future, we are working with some partners in Brisbane and Perth in order to expand the company with more branches. We aim to be the best security suppliers nationwide.