“Our target market is end users – from a one terminal PC (home, small business) user to Medium Businesses (Clinics/old aged homes/IT based business) and heavy Industrial Companies or Institutions (mines/hospitals/oilfields).”


In order to provide dependable power protection, PSS Distributors guarantees that no matter how large or small the UPS installation, PSS will approach each project with the required planning, execution of expert technology, and skills to ensure that it is successful.


This company was founded in 1994 with a single branch and has since expanded to include the manufacturing and distribution of a variety of products, including uninterruptible power supplies, 19-inch data cabinets, power supplies, Gecko compact enclosures, wall hanging racks, and red back racks, among others.

PSS is proud to create one of the greenest UPS systems available anywhere in the world – the Green / Energy Saving UPS.

The firm has grown organically throughout Australia and is currently distributing throughout the country in cities such as Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Darwin.


As of now, PSS has five distribution centres spread across Australia, three of which are full-service warehouses equipped with sales personnel, inventory, and on-site experts.

PSS now employs 14 people and distributes its products throughout Australia and the African continent.

In the previous six years, PSS has outperformed the competition and more than quadrupled its revenue stream. PSS credit our success to our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and assistance.

  • Installation service: PSS are happy to include major hospitals, financial institutions, mining sites, and significant multinational businesses among our clients, including Avis Car Hire (2 x 60KVA), DHL (1 x 80KVA), BOC gases (1 x 80KVA), Bunnings Warehouse (2000 x 600VA), Bosch, to mention a few examples.
  • Distribution and manufacturing are two different things: PSS devices are built to the highest standards across the world to meet the requirements of many international certifications. With agents and distributors in Australia as well as throughout Africa, our high-quality and adaptable goods are being extensively marketed with great success on a consistent basis throughout the world.

After-Sales Service is available for all dealers: this is the secret to our company’s rapid growth as well as the enthusiasm with which our sales personnel approach their jobs. PSS are available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with complete technical support for them complete piece of mind. Continue reading to learn more about the high level of service and support PSS provide.


Like any other complex electronic equipment, all UPS products require maintenance to ensure optimal performance and reliability. During a maintenance visit PSS Distributors technicians inspect, test, calibrate, update, and clean components.

A written report is provided detailing the results of the inspection, and specific recommendations are made for remedial actions, proactive replacements, and upgrades.

With more than 5 years of experience servicing industry-leading UPSs, PSS Distributors can help you maintain the reliable performance of your UPS, resulting in a higher return on your investment.

Our trained technicians regularly test your UPS systems’ safety functions, control functions, batteries, and connections to ensure proper operation. This also includes load testing and determining the backup time available on your batteries, spare parts, or time and material services which are available for customers who do not have a full maintenance contract. Last but not least, detailed reports are provided after every PM visit.

Regular equipment testing should be part of a facility’s UPS maintenance schedule. The testing framework and its activities are customizable and significantly depend on Client requirements, but most typically include the detailed procedures quarterly, semi-annually, annually, and biennially.

Whenever UPS testing occurs, our technicians place the system into bypass mode or transfer the load to the redundant system, if designed this way. They are especially cautious when maintaining the equipment to prevent an outage. Our technicians are also familiar with most standard UPS equipment, manufacturers’ testing requirements, specifications, and of course, safety precautions.

Additionally, just in case any unexpected issues happen to our clients with their UPS devices, PSS Distributors is able to immediately provision the spare parts from our local warehouses and field engineers to deliver remedial support activities on a global basis. We supply our clients with robust 24/7 remote support as well as service level agreement (Trantech will work with PSS to obtain this for us) based on-site support, which all together significantly smoothen and speed up the corrective maintenance process.


At Trantech, as an official dealer, it is important to guarantee that every installation and maintenance step, no matter how large or little, is addressed as a project, with adequate planning and execution of technology and expertise to assure consistent and dependable electricity.

A comprehensive spectrum of warehousing services is offered at the central warehousing locations (Melbourne and Sydney, in the future will be Brisbane and Perth) that are the fundamental part of PSS Distributors Supply Chain solutions to Trantech Security Wholesaler. The storage areas include larger hub locations in major regions, as well as smaller warehousing facilities in remote areas of available storage space nation-wide.

Once PSS Distributors receives the list of sites and the on-site equipment as fundamental information for the spare management, an assessment for reliable and time efficient solutions is prepared. As a part of the assessment, spare parts identification and forecasting will be done by a service delivery team to define the number of spare parts needed at each local warehouse in the vicinity of a site, using the spare management analytics. 

Also, the most beneficial advantage is that we have full right to access and request documents and trainings from PSS parent company, which drives us to the most confidence serving all customers in all projects.