FIBARO chose TRANTECH as Authorised Partner in Australia

Managing your Smart Excellent home system with FIBARO Technology and Home Automation Products, TRANTECH provides the customer service and technical support with the role of Exclusive Distributor of FIBARO – Z-Wave ® Home Intelligence Products.

TRANTECH – The FIBARO’s Official Distributor in Australia

FIBARO Technology – Smart Home leader

FIBARO is a global brand based on the Internet of Things technology. It provides solutions for building and home automation. FIBARO’s headquarters and factory are in Wysogotowo, 3 miles away from Poznan. The company employs approximately 250 qualified engineers and technicians.

FIBARO is entirely developed and manufactured in Poland – FIBARO headquarters and the production plant are located near Poznan. Since 2018, the brand has been part of the Nice Group. FIBARO’s mission is to enrich people’s lives worldwide by providing top-notch comfort and a friendly and safe home environment.

home by fibaro desktop

FIBARO has perfect design…

FIBARO system is designed, developed, and produced entirely in Poland. All the FIBARO smart home devices were created and took care of even the smallest detail of the project.

FIBARO - Z-Wave ® Home Intelligence Product

FIBARO – Z-Wave ® Home Intelligence Products

In just a few years, the FIBARO system has settled on six continents, becoming one of the world’s most advanced, wireless intelligent home systems. FIBARO’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing modern solutions that facilitate a comfortable, friendly, and safe home environment.

TRANTECH – the professional security wholesaler has proudly become an official member of FIBARO – Z-Wave ® Home Intelligence and factory certified installer. As a brand, we provide smart home and unique home automation solutions from FIBARO Technology. 

TRANTECH Security Wholesaler

FIBARO appoints TRANTECH as authorised distributor in Australia

Specialist distributor TRANTECH has been appointed as an authorised distributor of FIBARO, one of the leading companies in the global smart home market. This strategic agreement aims to expand FIBARO’s market presence through solid value-added distribution.

Distribution made for you means more sales opportunities, simplified processes, and personalised support to enable your business to thrive.

TRANTECH demonstrated the best fit go-to-market approach for FIBARO’s innovative solutions. We distribute all appropriated FIBARO products, with wholesale, trade and bulk-buy prices. 

With many years of combined product knowledge and onsite experience, TRANTECH is confident in providing the process of “Design-Program-Provide-Complete”.

From this process, not only can we supply security products and associated accessories, but also a comprehensive consultancy service, supporting our customers through every step from start to finish for the best results.

TRANTECH Security Wholesaler helps all clients possess a perfect security solution with all services that include security system designing, programming, configuration, surveillance products supplying, technical support, and overall project floorplan consultancy.

With Services: 

  • Designing System

  • Programming and Configuration

  • B2B Supply

  • Technical Support

  • Project Consultancy

Cooperated mission of TRANTECH and FIBARO 

TRANTECH is one of the leading Australian Home Automation and Security Solutions distributors. We are fast becoming a lead player in the Australian smart-home market and have delivered steady growth with significant value to FIBARO. The new partnership is a testament to TRANTECH’s extensive distribution capabilities, which will help FIBARO optimise and further grow Australian market share.

The FIBARO Smart Home system is designed to provide absolute comfort and safety for your entire family.

The FIBARO Home Center 3 or Lite gateway creates a network of wireless connections between Smart modules and provides a sense of control, security, and pleasure for household members. FIBARO Complementary System meets eight basic needs regarding Lighting, Gates and Blinds, HVAC, Safety, Security, Multimedia, Garden, and Scenes.

Australian Smart Home system

The FIBARO system is simple to install and use. Plug-and-Play devices are ready for use immediately after unpacking and a short configuration.

When you come to TRANTECH with your floor plan or master plan, or even without any blueprint, we still can help you with our expertise to complete the designing stage.

When customers come to TRANTECH, although most of the time we help them build the complete process, there is a low rate that the end-users/landlords/homeowners already purchase the devices elsewhere and hire installers to finish the work. TRANTECH never refuses any customers just as they have not purchased from us because we care about the development of the whole security industry. Therefore, regardless of the origin of the devices, we will always provide detailed programming and configuring services.

TRANTECH understands that to make the process smooth. The genuine security devices must come from authorised distributors, which were originally equipped with the manufacturer’s firmware. Thus the related stages (programming and configuration) would be much easier.

TRANTECH recognises the wide variations in business-to-business (B2B) commerce in Australia, especially in a niche market like the surveillance security industry. A distribution centre that supplies genuine devices (cameras, NVRs, DVRs, Sensors, Controllers…) and accessories to electronics/security companies, registered installers, and retailers will help solve their headaches and bring more benefits a win-win solution.

In this short article, TRANTECH is more than happy to mention to customers the advantages and benefits of always having a reliable wholesaler/distributor with full support, which sets us to stand out among Australian wholesalers nationwide.

TRANTECH Security Wholesaler is proud to have two large warehouses in the main cities: Melbourne and Sydney, which is convenient for all customers. Soon, we are working with some partners in Brisbane and Perth to expand the company with more branches. We aim to be the best security suppliers nationwide.

We feel these are a great addition to complete any security system and one of the best proactive solutions you can invest in. Trantech Security Wholesaler is proud of being the top wholesaler that provides useful knowledge to all readers, which bring benefits for both customers and the security community.

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