Smart Residential Solution


Robbers, thieves, harassers, and other criminals are a constant source of concern in the surrounding residential area.

On the daily basis, parents who aren’t at home with their children are also staying with schools, which leaves the house empty with their assets inside. On the other hand, even though there are people at home, the fact from research at AUS Stats shows that there is a higher rate of thieves paying attention to homes during working hours, especially high-value property areas, due to the assumption of the absence of homeowners. As a result, more people rely on security devices to protect themselves.


So, we have come to the most selected solution for residential areas: a comprehensive security system. The whole system will help save more installation cost and maintenance effort than single devices and without support from professionals.

That is why the important point is that the buyers must understand the basic concept and fundamental characteristics of a good security system, in order to choose the most efficient system that matched your payment.

Trantech’s experts are now listing for you several most popular issues that you might encounter when having a home security system.

There are many ways cause the camera doesn’t work. For example, if it is a wireless camera so it needs the network to run. But if the residential shut down the network so the camera also lost connection and can’t do anything.

In addition, the factors that cause your surveillance footage quality issues, such as images that are no longer clear, images that are no longer displaying, nighttime limited light condition and displays of the green or red screen, can also vary.

  • The lens of the digital camera is dirty/marked
  • The extension cable run may be too long, resulting in the Varifocal Zoom being unable to mechanically focus
  • Your digital camera’s decision-making ability is simply insufficient (now no longer true photograph quality)
  • Your display device is set to a low image quality

The effectiveness of protection cameras is dependent on a variety of factors, including the reason for which they are being used. In the case of home security cameras, it has been demonstrated that opportunistic thieves are less likely to strike if they see a more straightforward target.

It was only the presence of security cameras that successfully deterred break-ins, with some perpetrators abandoning their attempts when they came across a virtual camera.

However, a safety virtual digital camera isn’t always as powerful as you would possibly expect for catching criminals due to the fact, they’re often sporting disguises which are hard to identify, together with mask for massive hoodies. If you want to ensure that your insurance claim is processed as quickly as possible, it is required that you have video evidence of the damage to your home. In addition, an increasing number of police departments are collaborating with home security companies to advise homeowners or landlords to equip themselves with a good security system.

Checklists of customers to know before purchasing:

So, what information does the customer requirements regarding the safety security camera? For starters, the high-definition picture quality of the surveillance camera allows them to see people more clearly, making it easier for them to determine which ones are a danger to their safety.

A secondary requirement is that their views have a more expansive imaginative and prescient to encompass the entire area of their residence. Unless there is a niche that is exposed through the use of a digital camera, no one will be aware of what they can accomplish.

Third, they require additional technological resources. For example, a security camera can detect intruders breaking into a home and immediately notify the authorities without the need for the homeowner to press a button. That would be more convenient for the security and would make it more comfortable to stay within the residence.

Last but not least, they must make certain that the money they spend on the security network camera or analogue camera will be well worth it in terms of allowing them to feel safe and protected. We are all aware that purchasing insurance isn’t inexpensive, but because “you get what you pay for,” it is extremely important to the families who live in the neighbourhood and to their children. So, carefully check the quality and warranty, along with suppliers’ reputation when you think of a SECURITY system for your precinct.


Many consumers in the residential sector choose intelligent and automated services because they are easier to use and more adaptable than traditional services.

Technology has progressed and made these services more user-friendly over time, making them more accessible.

Dahua’s research
Dahua’s research


Dahua’s overall smart solution for residential area
Dahua’s overall smart solution for residential area


  1. Public Area Protection

  • Corridor: just 1 camera can cover at least 2 directions, suitable for corners of flats, apartments, buildings.
  • Playground: just 4 cameras can cover enough the whole area with a large field of view, suitable for complexes and big buildings, in which residents will feel more secure and comfortable.
  • Lift: Wireless connectivity and small shaped cameras are a good selection to keep the place secured enough, also maintaining privacy.
  • Lobby: just 1 camera equipped with a 360-degree coverage function is enough to protect the area.
  • In some areas, one panoramic and one Fisheye camera are enough to provide large view coverage, which brings you much lower cost. That is why professional consultancy is important when you are selecting a security system.
  1. Shared Facilities Protection

  • At the shared areas such as management centre entrance, gym, laundry room or IT room, we always suggest considering Integrated Overview cameras and Face Recognition Access Control. 
  • The advantages of these devices are not only that they are equipped with AI technology (better algorithm) so they can detect all faces and deny the access of unauthorized people, but also help the owners fully control their areas with smarter warning of intruders or possible issues.
  1. Smarter and Safer Homes

  • Home Safety: you can choose to integrate your home devices with a public space camera and remotely check every movement around your house, both in your monitors or smartphone. This solution is the best combination of CCTV system and Access Control System, which is also the best-seller system at Trantech Security Wholesaler.
  • Smart Home Control: homeowners are able to use a smartphone to connect and enable VTH/VTO easily. 
  • Open AI and Easy Integration: the genuine control app on both Android and iOS are modified to adapt to other 3rd party apps quickly if required.
  • Mobile Functions: homeowners can also use a dedicated mobile app to answer calls, check videos, receive alarms and set visitors’ appointments.


Nowadays, Smart home security cameras, especially Wi-fi devices are an excellent alternative to hardwired (analogue) home security cameras, which can be difficult to install in apartments. If your landlord is unable to assist you in drilling through walls, many safety cameras come with strong, double-sided tape for mounting purposes.

Additionally, most mounts serve as stands, allowing you to place the network camera on a convenient shelf. Optional magnetic mounts allow you to further customize your setup options.

Before taking your CCTV system to your sweet home, we recommend vital steps to check the security system you have:

  • Check the electricity and connection of the security camera.
  • Discover and ping on the internet.
  • Understand your username and password.
  • Ensure that the camera has been factory reset.
  • Support can be obtained by contacting the producer or a tracking company located far away.
  • If your security camera is not producing images, you should have it repaired.
  • If the picture from your security camera is too bright, you should adjust the figures of the system and check the light source.

Because wi-fi cameras upload their images to the cloud, you don’t have to be concerned about your images being accessible to a capacity thief. Even if they are able to seize or cover a network camera, the recording will already be safely stored within the cloud, and you will have received an alert on your smartphone everywhere.