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Since 1984, DSX Access Systems Inc. has designed and implemented access control hardware and software for use in Central Station environments. From that particular requirement, an exclusive Access Control technology was made available to the market in order to give a fair alternative to the high-cost access systems that were in use at the time. Cards, Rusco and Schlage are examples of such devices.

DSX has manufactured high-quality access control products for an ever-changing security market since then.


Thanks to our members’ efforts through time, DSX has now become one of the best suppliers and programmers of the access control system in the world with many tailored programs, which can be modified smoothly from one PC to the scale of a whole corporation.

DSX has distributions throughout the US in all 50 states

DSX has many dealers located in Australia, Europe, Africa and the Far East

DSX has won many large-scale projects worldwide with lots of extremely big customers and government agencies, such as the US Department of Education, CNN, US Department of Transportation, University of Arkansas, US Coast Guard, Federal Aviation and so on.


DSX Access Systems Inc. is proud to say their integrity is not based on what other companies are doing in the security market, their ultimate goal is to meet customers’ complete satisfaction, and they expect that dedication to be shared by all dealers as well!

DSX is very careful in choosing dealers (which makes Trantech Security proud to be one of their official distributors), they require all dealers to be trained carefully before any of us can sell their service or product

DSX never markets themselves through OEM channel or alarm supply companies, which means their products and services (local installation) are special and unique

DSX strictly demand “reliability” acknowledged in all products, which means they have each panel tested for 72 hours before it hits the shelves.

DSX committed that only 0.1% of all DSX panels shipped is faulty.


As mentioned, all dealers must join the training program of DSX and pass all questions in order to become official distributor, which includes followings trainings and documentation:

  • 5-day technical training class (weekly)
  • 2-day administrator training class (monthly)
  • Toll free technical support line (24/7 for emergencies)
  • Sales literature (brochure, folders, catalogues, CDs, presentations)
  • Sales support for large systems (presentations and related documents)
  • Advertising documents (major trade magazines – security management, SDM, facilities management, trade show documents)

Trantech has an internal development program to allow all networking engineers to join this program, graduate and create internal training for all sales members. We are confident to deliver to customers all the best consultancy from all our members.

We feel these are a great addition to complete any security system and one of the best proactive solutions you can invest in. Trantech Security Wholesaler is proud of being the top wholesaler that provides useful knowledge to all readers, which bring benefits for both customers and the security community.

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