Project Consultancy Service

Research in-depth conditions to provide comprehensive calculations of suitable devices

System Designing Service

Design optimal solution of suitable devices and current networking situation based on physical conditions.

Programming & Configuration

Provide customers worry-free feeling with a plug-and-play process regardless the external factors.

Security networking system built specifically for your business. Find Your Pre-Made Solution.

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We Are Providing

Supplying Suitable Security Devices

We supply to installers and security companies security devices originally equipped with manufacturer’s firmware.

Technical Support for Hardwares/Software

We provide quick, dependable, and flexible assistance to all on-site requests for the jobs to be done perfectly.

Tailored Project Consultancy

We know you love the latest tech, that is why we have R&D team to bring you best choices of latest products, to trial and enjoy the features.
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Improve your security with comprehensive systems provided by the professionals

Surveillance & Smart Intercom

Innovative IP, Wi-Fi, 2-wire intercom solutions for residential and commercial properties are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Networking & Home Automation

Amazing Z-Wave ® Home Intelligence Products, provided by us, offers excellent customer service and technical support for your Smart Excellent home system.
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Case studies

Trantech used a wireless IP technology and networking system to broadcast CCTV images across the network, assuring full coverage.  High-speed domes allowed for non-stop colour image transmission. This area has adequate nighttime lighting, allowing 24H colour cameras to perform well.  The control system was encased in a strong metal cabinet to protect its electronics and connections. 

We’re sure it’ll last.