Smart Surveillance Solution For Hotels and Office Buildings

Hotels and office buildings, amusement parks, and resorts provide services to help customers have peaceful moments to rest and relax. However, because of this, the safety scenario is somewhat tricky and is an ideal place for criminals to operate, thieves, and crooks to take advantage of loopholes to steal property… As a result, camera solutions for hotels and office buildings are designed to improve the ability to watch and monitor security for hotels and office buildings, hotels and office buildings, resorts, or amusement parks, etc.


The following are some of the most common problems that office buildings, motor inns, edifices, and hotels/resorts encounter:

  • The state of disorganization, the inability to regulate and poor management.
  • Theft of belongings at a hotels and office buildings and office, theft of bags for tourists, theft of property, machinery, equipment, vehicles… – lack of an alarm and sound system to detect problems quickly.
  • Inability to review thefts, no internal theft management… 
  • There is no photographic proof to prove in some client complaints or inquiries about hotels and office building, motel, and services (e.g., reception area, elevator service, internal restaurant/lounge…).
  • In addition to increasing security personnel and management, one of the practical (but cost-effective) solutions is to install surveillance cameras to assist with security review and supervision. security, patrolling, observance, and risk mitigation.


  1. Increasing public or surrounding premises’ safety

  • Video surveillance with high definition and no blind spots
  • Mobile vehicle monitoring that is remote and real-time 
  • Alarm detectors that give improved security
  1. Increase safety and flexibility in the parking area

  • ANPR module in advanced surveillance system allows vehicle access control automatically
  • A comprehensive system will ensure all activities at parking space are safe and secured
  1. Maximise room arrangement and management

  • A complete surveillance and security solution will help make the room management go smooth without issues of personnel 
  • Manage each access control at each entry easily
  1. Manage central areas

  • The all-in-one platform that has full management function allows to monitor and integrate with other departments
  • Live view and high-quality footage to help better management decisions


Manufacturer’s original surveillance solution for hotels and office buildings
Manufacturer’s original surveillance solution for hotels and office buildings


Trantech Security is not a normal wholesaler that does logistics and business’ activities. We care about the development of the community and Australia. Therefore, besides applying the original solution for normal hotels and office buildings, our engineers always update Australian regulations and lifestyle and work closely with them via regular meetings, which drive their process better to serve the Australian market.


Area 1: Public area and shared area

Normally, this area will be equipped with a multi-sensor panoramic camera like PTZ (outdoor) or a fisheye camera (indoor). Besides that, our experts will examine and suggest the types of cameras you should have for a tight area like corridors. If you have a camera in corridor mode, it can watch corridors and other long, tight places. When a single camera can cover a whole corridor instead of two, costs are reduced by half.

Next, IP cameras with smart detection capability may automatically identify things in preset zones and send out an alarm if they are detected. And suitable smoke detectors in public spaces may activate alarms when they detect smoke and prevent catastrophe. For some space like meeting room, we will suggest equipping with suitable access control system to enhance the controlling convenience, which allows owners to manage people entering or exiting while preventing unauthorized personnel.

Area 2: Lobby area

As the most frequented sites, lobby spaces demand extremely realistic face pictures with no blind regions, as well as no blind spots at all. The Ultra Smart fisheye with a 360-degree vision guarantees that all angles are taken into consideration.

During the day, sunlight may create a dramatic contrast in the lobby and at the doors to the building. In all lighting situations, cameras with genuine WDR deliver crisp, detailed video footage.

Customers are checked in and out of the hotels and office building using hotels and office building management software, which is operated by the front desk staff.

Area 3: Parking area

The use of famous car plate recognition helps employees and managers to enter the hotels and office building parking area more simply while also managing other vehicles more effectively. Suitable IP or AI-range cameras are usually equipped with advanced capacity like Whitelist and Night vision with the ability to Work offline so you can be guaranteed 100% efficiency.

Area 4: Shuttle bus (applicable for big hotels and office buildings or remote sites)

We know some special hotels and office buildings provide shuttle bus service, which is convenient for residents and increase reputation, but difficult to manage. So, we believe the real-time video and instrument information, which is transmitted remotely to the control room via a network (3/4/5G) will trigger your interest.

  • Monitoring from a far distance: real-time video is delivered to the control centre from a remote location using 3G/4G technology.
  • Notifications of Emergencies: onboard incidents are immediately communicated to the control centre through 3G or 4G networks.
  • Alerts for excessive speed: administrators may respond promptly and communicate with bus drivers via audio communication when they get real-time updates and alerts on the bus’s position, direction, and speed.
  • E-Fence: the client e-map may be customised to include various zones, such as speed restriction zones, driving restrictions zones, banned zones, departure zones, and arrival zones, in order to promote safe driving habits.

Area 5: Hotels and office building room

Definitely, there will be no cameras installed inside each room to protect residents’ privacy, but the challenge is they must be protected at all times. Therefore, Trantech will provide an advanced access control system for this area to be safe and still convenient.


It is not deniable that the help of good surveillance system with advanced features such as thermal feature, heat detection, reporting, people counting, real-time alarm… at more hotels/buildings, especially hotels and office buildings in quarantine order prevent escapers and save efforts of managers. These benefits will be guaranteed for both public authorities and hotels and office buildings management board of an enhanced surveillance system:

  • Provide daily information on the characteristics and temporal trends of COVID-19 cases to aid in the planning and assessment of the public health response to the outbreak
  • Daily reports on the characteristics and time-trends of fatalities due to COVID-19 to assist in the planning and assessment of the public health response, and monitoring overall population level mortality
  • Report on the performance of contact tracing to support planning and evaluation of the overall public health response 
  • Provide daily updates on tests performed to detect COVID-19 infection and calculations of test positivity rates to assess the accessibility and equity 
  • To supplement the epidemiological enquiry, use genomic monitoring to characterise clusters and create new linkages to help narrow the search.
  • Define the clinical severity of COVID-19 in order to make predictions about resource utilisation and characterise the risk factors for severe infection to inform the public health response 
  • Monitor the impact on the tertiary health care system to contribute to demand forecasts and to redirect resources as needed 
  • Conduct serosurveys to determine the prevalence of COVID-19 infection over time, age, population group, and geographic location to inform the public health response 
  • Help implement strategically targeted vaccination campaigns, especially at easily exposed spaces

To sum up, ss commerce and tourism continue to expand, the demand for hotels and office buildings continues to rise as a result of an increase in business visits and other travel-related activities. Making the hotels and office building a more comfortable atmosphere for guests and boosting management efficiency has emerged as the industry’s most difficult issues to overcome.

When combined, the Manufacturer’s Integrated Security Solution for Hotels and office building mixed with Trantech’s experience creates a safe environment for hotels and office building consumers while also providing hotels and office building owners with simple administration capabilities and enhance hotels and office buildings’ activities in the pandemic period.