Scotch Locks

Scotch Locks typically used on 24 ga phone wire, however these connectors can accommodate conductors from .016” to .035”, that’s a range from 24 -19 gage. The internal silicone grease protects the connection from moisture, however these are not ‘waterproof’ connectors. A simple slip-joint set of pliers will do a nice job of compression. A small amount of silicone will exude from the connector around the wires. Under most conditions you will use only two of the available three wire slots. However, nice to have the one extra option. These connectors make a solid electrical connection between all three (or two) inserted wires. If you are splicing two circuits which must remain isolated, you must use a separate connector on each circuit.


  • Large Size BAG 100
  • Ideal for splicing 24ga solid or stranded wire
  • Splice two or three conductors at the same time
  • Compress with standard slip-joint pliars
  • Each PVUR3 contains silicone grease to coat the connections and resist moisture
  • Wires do not have to be stripped, just insert the wire ends and compress.


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