Wall Mounted Fog Dispenser


With Wall Mounted Fog Dispenser (FOG501) installed, when the PIR, door sensor or system host is being activated, will immediately generate smog, cover the whole room and reduce the visibility, easily frighten intruders and stop the theft crime. The smog time will last 30-45min once, long enough for user to take actions.


  • 1PCE fog container, 1 time use.
  • It can fill an 120 m³ area in 5 seconds.
  • Our security fog systems are installed for customers as Network alarm operation business: such as: chain stores, small-sized supermarket, small server rooms, ATM’s.
  • It will reduce on-site visibility to zero and actively prevent burglary/robbery in seconds in case of emergency.
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Fog formula 2PCS fog formula in one container(JTZ-501)
3PCS fog formula in one container(JTZ-501P)
Fog Container Quantity 3PCS Fog container, 1 time ejection
Refill easily replaced and refilled
Fog Made Formula Solid food-grade
Protection Area 120m³ Closed Area
Fog Generator Cold Smoke Technology
Time of Duration 30-45 minutes
Startup Mode Support button switch, Remote controller,Remote monitoring center
Power Source: DC12V1.5A
Startup Time 1 second
Full of Fog Time 5 seconds
Power Consumption 18W
Dimensions: 168*101(mm)
Color Silver,gray,black
Weight 1.7KG
Casing Aluminium
Working Temperature  -10°C~50°C
Operating Humidity  -10%~85%
Installation: Bracket Wall Mounting




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