Bosch Universal LAN Zone Expander Module


CM705B Universal Expander provides a cost-effective way to increase the control panel’s zone inputs, programmable outputs and power supply capacity using a single expander module. This module is extremely useful when the system is comprised of multiple areas, as an expander can be located in each area, providing power, siren and strobe outputs and up to 16 zone inputs.


  • High-security module with anti-substitution protection and resettable fuse protection on power out terminals
  • Supports Single, Alarm+Tamper and Split EOL, with up to 15 different EOL Resistor options
  • 6 Power Out terminals simplify wiring; outputs are overload and short circuit proof
  • Service Code Pad connection point
  • LAN Termination Shunt and status indicators included
  • Compatible with: Solution 6000, Solution 144
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