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Types of Camera- That Trantech a Leading CCTV Wholesaler Sells

Tritech a leading CCTV Wholesaler sells a variety of camera types. And they sell Bullet Camera, Pan Tilt Zoom Camera, Dome Camera as well as Spy Camera, and all of these cameras are highly in demand. Let's discuss each of these in a little detail.  
Bullet Camera:
This camera is generally cylindrical or rectangular, and you can fix this to a wall with the help of the mounting arm. You will find them visible as well as it does not move even a little. Also, you need to adjust this manually for getting the view that you want to get. And such type is good for small businesses and office/reception regions.
The Dome Camera:
And just like the name, you will find these cameras to be domed shaped such the bullet cameras. You will find these quite visible, however, they are not prone to damage as the actual camera comes with a dome-shaped cover. You can use this both indoor as well as outside. And some of these comes with rare features, like motion detection, or like the infra-red technology for offering a good level of security even at night.
PTZ Camera:
These sorts are good for very large spaces such as the Warehouses, as they provide wider domain reporting, and they are bulky. And you can mount these on a pole, or bracket with a rail that is dedicated such that it can be zoomed to all the locations, and wherever you think of suspicious activities. And this kind of camera has the quality to pan and tilt for getting a look of something in a better manner.
Spy Camera:
This is known as a hidden camera and is quite small and very compact. And since this is quite small, it's hard to find it, and hence you can use this type of camera for spying.
And you can get all these through CCTV Wholesaler, trantech. 

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