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TVI or AHD – Which is the best Provided by CCTV Wholesaler?

The question does creep in mind that which is the best HD security camera for us as a customer, and which CCTV wholesaler provides it in Melbourne. Is it AHD or TVI? And these two are two completely different types of CCTV Cameras. And in fact, they are the technologies which support the 1080p resolution through the coax cable (RG8 or RG59). And this is a similar cable to the one used in traditional analog CCTV cameras. And in this article, we are going to compare these two technologies. I will be using for this testing, the HD TVI BL2 TVI Camera (1080p HD) and AHD Camera of similar configuration.

Both of these cameras have almost the same specification, but one of them uses the HD TVI video format, and the other one uses the AHD. And both of them are installed in the same weatherproof housing. And they have a similar sort and IR LEDs number, and they come with 2 megapixels 2.8-12 mm varifocal lens. 
And both of them are being installed in a similar manner. And for the video recording both are attached to the same 16 channel IDVR PRO9 hybrid AHD and TVI CCTV DVR with the help of a similar RG59 Siamese coax cable.
And finally, the images and videos were recorded from the two types of CCTVs installed.

It does look that TVI camera is sharper than the AHD, however, to an only little extent- and this result is for both the daytime and the night. And they are quite close in performance, however. You will certainly, however, like the color brightness quality of the AHD camera. And on this aspect, it is better than the TVI.  And the view angle of the TVI camera is much better than AHD, as it is narrower and more zoomed. And seeing the right edge, the AHD camera view goes beyond by few feet past the warehouse shelf end.  And the TVI camera cuts the edges a little. And TVI camera is clearer than AHD but only slightly. Hence, through this test TVI cameras prove to be slightly better than the AHD Cameras. However, for color, AHD is better. And both give quite awesome 1080p resolution through the coax sort of cameras, the CCTV camera pros. Hence both of these are recommended. You can contact CCTV wholesaler like Trantech for both of them.

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