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Dahua IP cameras Vs Hikvision IP Cameras which is better?

It is without a dealt that choosing the right camera system for your property is getting harder and harder. Popular brands such as Dahua, hikvision, Bosch, Hills, Lock all produce quality and reliable products. How do we compare Dahua IP cameras to Hikvision IP cameras to popular brands such as Bosch, Hills and Lock? 

Dahua IP Cameras has progress  from your hi-tech sophisticated technology to producing a user friendly easy to use technology. Both Dahua IP cameras and Hikvision IP cameras both adopt technology like P2P, PNP and a vast number of other technology which enhance and make using and navigating their system alot easier. But how does that compare to Bosch, Hills and Lock?
While Bosch produce many different products, Bosch alarm system and Bosch intrusion technology are vastly well known with the security and CCTV industry.  Unlike Dahua and Hikvision, Bosch security and Bosch alarms and intrusion products have their own market share. Their technology and products are unique and cannot be compared to each other.  Dahua IP cameras and Hikvision IP cameras are very popular amounts tech guru.

So to answer the question is Dahua IP cameras or Hikvision IP cameras better?”  

It all comes down to personally choice. Their is no good or better. They all have their own unique technology. Whether if it is Bosch, dahua, Hikvision, Hills or Lock. 
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