CCTV Security & Surveillance Cameras in Sydney

Security is playing a huge role in today's world. At the World Cup Luzhniki Stadium an estimated 3,000 CCTV security cameras are keeping players and over 81,000 fans and staff safe while watching from above. On the other side of the world all across Australia there are calls for more CCTV security systems and lighting to be put into parks to keep these public areas safe at night. With this much surveillance and high profile work going into action it’s not hard to see why CCTV security is so in demand.This calls for a strong security supplier to back this growing industry.

With more and more cameras being placed worldwide, the trend appears to be for people to want to fit more cameras in to their CCTV Security systems to monitor every part of their premises. This total control is becoming more and more viable and sensible to property owners. As the quality of these cameras is consistently improving it’s far easier to much greater detail and a complete view of the scene. Security wholesalers are also stepping up their game, stocking a greater range of camera choices than ever before. This makes it even more critical that security wholesalers know their products to recommend the best solutions for installers needs.

CCTV IR technology has also been drastically improving over the years. The red glow both serves as a comfort to innocent people knowing they are being watched over as well as an ominous warning to would be criminals. This ability to monitor the night is keeping peoples evenings safe across all of Australia and it is no surprise that popular places including the Gold Coast are calling for more CCTV at night to allow people to enjoy public places at all times. This is making all of Australia a safer place at night for everyone. Nightvision is also strongly desirable inside property owners premise, giving shop-owners and home-owners alike the peace of mind to know that all their belongings are safe regardless of how far away they are from their property. Security wholesalers are now stocking these powerful IR solutions and are again required to be extremely knowledgeable to provide cameras with the best lighting solutions for the jobs requirements.

Both quantity and quality is the current trend in today’s camera market. Property owners and project managers are not only looking to get as many cameras as they can to monitor their property, they are also looking to get the best possible vision at all hours. Only with a strong and knowledgeable security wholesaler can the demands of the users be met.

CCTV Network-A Must for All Campus

CCTV Network is the need of the hour. If you are developing any new campus, you should buy a CCTV complete kit from some good CCTV wholesalers and you will definitely find our company to be good enough. CCTVs can improve the quality of the security to a great extent. All you need to do is to ensure that you buy a required number of CCTVs from a good company. You should know that you are not required to calculate the number of CCTVs and you can leave this task on the company like ours. We will ensure that your whole campus is being monitored by the CCTVs and we will also ensure the privacy of the people living in the campus. This is a challenging task; however, we can do this task for you definitely. Undoubtedly CCTVs need to have latest features like WI-Fi so that we can form a wireless network of the CCTVs. We can provide you such CCTVs definitely.


Trantech can not only form the required CCTV network in your campus but also ensure that you get the best pictures without grains. Due to low cost, you will find many times that the resolution of the CCTV is quite low. However, when you buy the CCTV through the Trantech then you always get the best resolution possible in that budget. Our mission is to provide the best CCTVs and we know the importance of resolution. You can hence zoom the pictures to a very large image size and find the tiniest of activities going on in the surroundings. All you need to do is to give us a call.


Call us now and we will be ensuring for you the best CCTV network in your campus. You campus will hence remain safe and you can move freely leaving all security management on a single staffs as one security staff is only that you will be needing them.


Contact us now and get the CCTV network established in your campus. We will be waiting for your phone call.